" " - When you enclose a word, title, or phrase in quotes to conduct a search, the query will return a list of documents with the exact words that you specified, in the same exact order that you specified. Example: "United Nations". * - Use the asterisk [*] as a wildcard to find the same word with different endings. Example: liter* (returns articles containing the words literacy, literary, etc.). ? - Use the question mark [?] as a wildcard to find variations for only one character. Example: st?mp (finds 'stamp', 'stomp'). /n - this operator limits the distance between the words in queries and phrases. Example: (council parliament) /10 legislation - the word 'legislation' must be within the limits of 10 words from the word 'council' or 'parliament'. 'AND' operator will look for matches to ALL words in the same document or field. Example: 'president AND law' (returns articles with BOTH words). 'NOT' - excludes a word from your search. Put it immediately in front of the term you want to avoid. Example: presindent NOT law (returns documents with 'president' that do not contain 'law'). A search conducted with 'OR' or [space] between words will look for matches to ANY word or words specified in the search field. Example: 'president OR law' (returns articles with either or both words).


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